This is a Piece of Cake!

Guess what I’ve been doing? (I bet you’ve guess it already because you’re brilliant like that. You must be; you read my blog.) Just in case you’re stumped, I’ll give you a hint: food writing. I have a friend who contacted me about a project with CakeTheater. The job description was something like, “creative writer to come up with blurbs for cake categories.” Within seconds I responded with, “Me! Me! Me!” Decades later, (okay, maybe just days) I was asked about my hourly rate. Thankfully, I didn’t send my immediate response, which was something like, “Somebody is going to pay me to write stuff about cakes?” Yes, confectionary delight of delights, all is right in my world! And, oddly, I’ve started making cakes. I think I must be very persuasive.

At first I tried to be all healthy about it. A carrot cake was my first attempt. The icing was made with cream cheese, whipped up to a fluffy cloud of sweetness. It melted on my tongue like butter. And, yeah, I used real butter anywhere it called for shortening/oil.*

It was completely fattening.

It was irresistibly good.

I couldn’t stand the longing looks the cake received from the fridge repair man when it was placed on the counter. I did not share with him. I was more generous when my sister and her boyfriend came over. (Actually, I was pretty much carrot-caked out by then.) Then they told me they’d been filching thin slices so I wouldn’t notice.

Jam & Tea Cake

You can see, cake decorating is not my forte. I’ve even taken a course. Isn’t that sad? That doesn’t seem to stop me, or anyone else at my house, from eating them. For this reason, this cake-writing project could be the death of me in terms of caloric overload. Otherwise, I am living in a dream… that funds the butter supply.

Here’s a cupcake idea I tried:

A mini Cat in the Hat birthday cake. Yes, I wrote a poem to go with it. (My creativity is good, though my artistry is lacking.)

Let’s do a recap of what you can know about me from this post: (1) I can’t decorate cakes well at all, and (2) my photography is just as bad. (Oh, and I’d better be keeping to a serious daily workout.) But know: if you’re drooling, or thinking about how long it’s been since you’ve had proper cake, then my work is complete. For you connoisseurs of our fine-floured friends, come be inspired by the cakes at CakeTheater. Not to tempt you or anything.

Oh, you talked me into it. One more:

Iced Lemon Cake for tea time

*Most shortenings and basic cooking oils are made with soybean oil, and I’m soy intolerant.

Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

10 thoughts on “This is a Piece of Cake!”

    1. Truffles… Mmmm. I’m partial to good chocolate myself. I have to watch out for desserts made with soy products (the oil and the lecithin, mostly). That’s a sizable restriction on the sweets I can enjoy. So, yeah, I have to keep to my diet to stay well, too.


  1. Congratulations on the writing job! Your post definitely has me planning a cake in the near future, so count me in the persuaded camp.

    It’s frustrating to sleuth out a problem food on a label or dining out. Luckily, butter is THE stuff if you want to appeal to the palate, and it sounds as if a lot of alternatives are turning out to have drawbacks of their own.


    1. I hope you’ll post a pic of your cake, too! Now I’m wondering how your cake presentation will be, since you cook “fer serious.” Will you make it all flashy, or will you opt for that home-baked simplicity look? Thanks for the kudos.


      1. When I was a kid I used to beg to decorate the cakes, but I’ve been lazy lately. The plan is as follows: a) buy overpriced gluten free mix, make cake in boring 8″ by 11″ cake pan, b) make homemade icing and ice, c) be incredibly grateful that at least GF cake can fool anyone into thinking it’s the real thing, unlike the atrocity they call bread. So…it will be a humble, I just want to eat cake again kind of affair. Someday I’ll try to do something fancy, mostly because Safran is a bit of a nag sometimes.


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