My Inner Editor and Me

I’ve been thinking about posting. That’s about it. I’ve jotted down a few things, but they haven’t moved out of the idea file. You know, I have lines like “my worst vocabulary mistakes” and “theory about characterization development – robotics.” I know what I want to write, but I have a priority list with 15 lines, and “blog goals” is number 16. I’d love to knock something out of a slot and move the blog up. Actually, I’d like to be getting items #13 thru #15 done.

I feel like I’m in total chaos. School started at the beginning of August. I think I told you, I home educate. I’m ready to clone myself, only I prefer someone with less of a Type A personality. Come to think of it, if I cloned myself, I’d hate me. I’m way too demanding.

Writing my book is in my top 15. I give myself thirty minutes to work on a scene from the sequel and thirty minutes to work on revisions to Dragonfly Prince. I’ve read Baty’s NaNoWriMo book, where it suggests ignoring your inner editor. In this hectic time, I need to do that and just write. The best I’ve been able to do is argue with my inner editor.

Inner Editor: This is terrible. What do you think this is accomplishing?

RillaWriter: I’m writing. Just let me write.

Inner Ed: It’s not writing. It’s a waste of a good thirty minutes.

RWriter: It’s not a waste. I’m going to go back once the first draft is finished. I’m going to totally rework it.

Inner Ed: Rework what? You have nothing here. The dialogue, the description…they are stunted and unnatural. There is nothing here to salvage.

RWriter: Look, this is my first time doing this. Humor me, alright? Look at it as an experiment. You love experiments! Let’s see what we’ll get out of this.

Inner Ed: And a month or two down the road, you’re going to see I’m right.

RWriter: Then shut-up and let me learn the lesson already!

We are not happy with each other, my inner editor and me. So I know a clone is out of the question.