Inner Edie Gives Her Opinion

RillaWriter: Good morning, Inner Edie!

Inner Editor: It’s only good if you tell me you’re not going to keep posting every workday this week.

RWriter: Then… Morning, Edie!

Inner Ed: That’s what I thought. Here’s the thing: I’ve already caught some really stupid mistakes since you’ve started this. One of them was using “new” instead of “knew.” Should this surprise me, Rilla? It does not.

RWriter: Well, isn’t that exciting!

Inner Ed: You’re not listening to me.

RWriter: You’re right, I’m not. Know why? Because this exercise is all about helping my Inner Editor take a backseat for a bit.


No hard feelings, right?

(crickets chirp)


Inner Ed: Just remember this when the blog blows up in your face.

RWriter: When it does, you can purse your lips and say “I told you so” all you want.

Inner Ed: Oh, I will. And, by the way, I didn’t appreciate the post where you told the Blogosphere I misspell ‘copyright.’ That was between you and me.

RWriter: Sorry for admitting you’re not perfect.

Inner Ed: And you did a terrible impression of Gollum. It should be something like, “He wouldn’tses, Preciousss.”

RWriter: That looks stupid.

Inner Ed: And writing about Brain Teaser month doesn’t?

RWriter: I’m free-penning January, Edie. It’s meant to loosen up my literary tongue. I’m liberating my creative voice and freeing the artist—

Inner Ed: Yeah right. You hate it.

RWriter: Okay, so it would kill me if I tried to keep it up—

Inner Ed: And your blog readers would disown you…

RWriter: Maybe, but right now I think it’s kinda fun!

Inner Ed: You would. (sighs) Fine. You get this month, and I take next month—deal?

RWriter: We’ll see…

Inner Ed: I don’t believe you.

RWriter: How ‘bout I promise not to post more than twice a week in February?

Inner Ed: That’s a little better. What are we posting in February?

RWriter: You’ll see.

Inner Ed: Oh no.

Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

13 thoughts on “Inner Edie Gives Her Opinion”

  1. I can’t handle writing more than two posts a week! 🙂 I already don’t spend enough time with the WIPs and exercises to improve my writing. My Muse and characters have really gotten on me recently. 😉


    1. I know what you mean. This month I’ve stepped back from all fiction writing/WIPs with the exception of assigning myself a certain number of pages to edit per day of Dragonfly Prince. I feel like I’ve been in writer overload, so this is making me condense the material in my head. The other night I wrote a six-stanza poem in an hour from the perspective of a candle just to unwind. Pretty cool.


  2. Glad you’re telling your inner editor to back off a bit. It is fun, and liberating, even if there’s a bit of wincing to be had afterwards. I’d rather love my art and do it regularly than be perfect. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. I’ll work on balancing that equation later.

    Bonus: I’ve learned a lot about various holidays/events lately. My favorites are still Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Gummy Worm Day, though.


    1. I didn’t know about National Gummy Worm Day. When is that? They had Pirate language on Facebook for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Everyone started ‘arrrr’-ing, and I pulled out my sailor terms for a story I was researching. When I found out FB was translating automatically, I felt really stupid. :}


      1. I had to look the date up for National Gummy Worm Day (we first saw it in our newspaper at work and decided to celebrate, because they used to print all the fun and wacky holidays every week, and we read them religiously), but it’s July 15th.

        I must have missed my facebook log in on 9/19, but I probably would have done the same thing, and dug out my pirate dictionary. The last person who celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day with me is unfortunately not around as much anymore, so I don’t get to talk like a pirate as much. As I said, I have an entire dictionary of pirate lingo, too! Granted that purchase was justified by the idea I might want to write a pirate into a story someday. I mean, did it matter that I didn’t have a particular character in mind yet? Nah, dictionaries, etymologies, and encyclopedic collections are wonderful. I can never have too many.


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