Something Borrowed, Something Blitzed

Authors, did you know this is Book Blitz Month? I did. I knew all month, and I didn’t post about it. ‘For shame, Rilla!’ you might be thinking. Well, I honestly wish I had a book to give away because I’m the type to do just that. I’ve often said to myself while reading opinions about $2.99 ebooks versus $0.99 ebooks, “Self, someone actually spent money on an ebook! What if someone spends 99 cents on your book some day?”

Harrison Fisher illustration, from Hearts and ...
Harrison Fisher illustration, from Hearts and Masks by Harold MacGrath, from the Project Gutenberg collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At present I don’t honestly write for the promise of money. I write because I would go utterly mad if I put down my pen. It’s my catharsis, and I’m pleased with that return. Not that I have ever discouraged payment for my work. Tee hee

To celebrate Book Blitz Month, I’m linking a story I found amusing by Harold MacGrath. It’s called Hearts and Masks. Yes, I’m giving away someone else’s book that is now in public domain. Isn’t that generous of me? You’re welcome.


Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. Sometimes I'm too genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

8 thoughts on “Something Borrowed, Something Blitzed”

  1. I’ve bought many books, actually novellas for up to $2.99 for my Kindle. Many were fantastic reads, some not so much. I always think :99 cents, what a great deal!” because I love to read.


    1. I’ve become extremely cheap since books went online. I always think, “Can I get it for free?” Sometimes I’ll read the free preview, then take a night out at the bookstore to finish it on the lumpy chair I steal from the man who gets up for a second to stretch his legs. For a writer hoping to publish her book, this behavior is not promising.


      1. LOL !! Would you steal a lumpy chair from another woman? I have always been like that…cheap. That’s because I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is renowned for being a “wholesale” town. Everyone wants to pay wholesale prices for everything they buy. And once have made a wholesale purchase, you never want to pay full price again. I think it was mainly a garment thing as there are many clothing manufacturers there.


        1. Would I steal a lumpy chair from another woman? Good question. I’ve never been tested. Women don’t give up their chairs as easily. I think it’s a mentality that begins when a woman decides to wear heels. “Is that a leg cramp? I’ll just deal because I’m keeping this seat!” 🙂


          1. That’s That’s something I’ve never been able to fathom: how women “deal with” pain so well. I have zero tolerance for pain. Zero. I guess I’d better never try heels.


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