What I Love…That Doesn’t Love Me

Scissors (Photo credit: Uwe Hermann)

I love crafty things, but I’m not crafty. As I’ve told you before, I should have come with the warning label, “Don’t give scissors to this one.” Handing me scissors doesn’t mean I turn into a Gremlin or anything; I will simply destroy whatever I’m supposed to be cutting. Wait. Maybe I do turn into a Gremlin. Seriously, it’s bad.

I have a close friend, Holly, who is amazing with scissors—and anything else crafty. She shares cool ideas for what to do with paper on her blog, HS Homemade, and she just moved her blog from Blogger to WordPress! Am I excited? Honestly, when I found out, I gave a fangirl squee :o! I’ve followed her blog for over a year because I’m in awe of what she can create. It’s just paper, right? But now it’s the cutest little owl or a fancy card set to give as a gift. She shares her scrapbook layouts and easy sewing projects, and best of all are the mushy little messages she slips into her husband’s suitcase when he goes away on business. Valentines are year round at her house! And, yes, she’s just as fun in person as her writing depicts. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Piano (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I also have no talent for painting, drawing, or playing an instrument. What is in my mind doesn’t translate easily for me through any form of art but writing. I’ll compose a song in my head and set down any lyrics, but playing it on the piano is not enjoyable. I will visualize an image, and the sketch that follows only serves to frustrate me. My hands won’t carry out what my mind wants to express.

That yearning is key to why certain paintings, drawings, pictures, and musical compositions inspire me. One artist on WordPress continues to talk to me through shapes, lines, and, most of all, through color. Marina Kanavaki’s watercolor work fascinates me. I can’t rationally explain why I like the woods IV, but I really do. I know forest #3 and atom flowers #10 speak to me about serenity of color. Marina uses a ton of green, which makes me happy. Her work reminds me that beauty isn’t always definable.

Two months ago, I started following I like photo..!, where mac collects beautiful photos, many of them scenic landscapes. This blog lets me take a peek at places in the world, highlighting their most brilliant aspects. When possible, the picture includes a link to the photographer’s collection. These are photos I certainly wouldn’t have found on my own. One of my favorites is Lago Maggiore, North Italy. It’s like looking at a fairytale scene.

So, what do you enjoy that isn’t necessarily something you’re talented at doing?

Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

14 thoughts on “What I Love…That Doesn’t Love Me”

  1. WOW, Rilla!!!!!!
    That came as a big surprise!!!! I’m overwhelmed, really!
    Thank you [is not enough] for your beautiful [and very flattering] words!!!!
    Words, is what doesn’t love me back [to answer your question],
    which is exactly what YOU are brilliant at!
    It’s always a pleasure reading your posts -even if I don’t comment [remember, words don’t love me back!].
    Thank you!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful Monday and new week!!!!!
    🙂 [biiiiiiiiiig smile]


    1. Well, it’s true that working at something will make a person better at it. When there’s no joy in the work, it becomes torture, though. I tried and tried to play piano. I used to play a few things, but it was never satisfying.


  2. I enjoy a lot of things, like music, reading and writing, but if it takes practice, (and what doesn’t?) you can be assured I am not talented at it. But I am a great reader!


    1. Are you a musician then? If so, what instrument(s) do you play?

      I was thinking, what if the word ‘practice’ were changed to ‘play?’ Some things I consider play are practice for my husband and vice versa. My reaction to researching a pet topic is like a kindergartener’s reaction to going out for recess, but I think my husband would find it torture. And the only thing I like about watching football is my husband’s happiness that I’m with him. So, I practice watching football, even though it’s hours of doldrums for me.


      1. LOL I know what that feels like from your husband’s side. Michelle did that for me for part of the Super Bowl. It was kind of nice. And no, I’m not a musician. I play a little guitar, even less banjo, and I would love to have a mandolin that I could play even less. (When I was 16 and the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, everyone I knew ran out and bought guitars. But, despite having the requisite musical equipment, I lacked the drive to practice and never really got better. But eventually I drove my kids nuts playing and singing Froggy Went a Courting over and over.


        1. 😀 I think that lack of drive is the instinctual knowledge that all that work will never pay off. I tried for hours and hours to learn a mediocre rendition of Heart’s “Alone” on the piano. I think that title was fitting. When I sat down to the instrument, my family scattered.


    1. You’re welcome! I hope more hubby-out-of-town cards will be posted. For Valentines Day my husband and I have decided to make simple cards to give to each other. I’m sure your cards inspired me to suggest the idea to him.

      I think my problem with scissors has to do with being left-handed with a right-handed mom. She tried her best to help me!


  3. Hi Rilla: I’ve always been a frustrated photographer, since I was a child. “I Like Photo’s” shots are phenomenal. Now I’ve found another blog to follow. As far as crafts? Count me out as well. I have a very dear friend – we’ve been friends for many years. She is a Designer in the Garment District in Manhattan. Which I guess explains why she is so talented in pretty much anything crafty. When our children were young, she made all of her son’s Halloween costumes. I, of course had to buy my daughters. Some of us are just not cut out for things that we love.


    1. (“Just not cut out”- hee hee!) Yes, I agree. And it would be boring and really sad if I didn’t have crafty friends. Sometimes it’s the simple things that I admire about them that make them special to me.


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