Concluding April

Hasn’t it been a really busy month? I’ve been moving at a dog paddle through much of it. I’m hoping to gain a better rhythm in May, though I don’t think it will be any less busy.

Blog Plan for May
On Mondays I’ll be posting miscellaneous writer thoughts. For Wednesdays I hope to post short stories in a collection I’m calling “Stories of the Valiant.”

Dragonfly Prince MS
Want to know how I’m coming along? Me too. I’ve been able to work on it just enough to add to the existing document. I had a five-page scene I’d cut out of the first draft. Now I know it’s necessary to the overall plot. I whittled it down and added it back in. (I’m so glad I saved it!) But now the story has netted three more pages. This displeases me. Greatly.

Heart (Photo credit: mozzercork)

My sister, who is getting married in June, is staying with me. Her fiance, who lives here, said he’d fly her back home if she came for a visit. That was, um, three weeks ago. I think he likes her or something. Her bridal shower is this weekend, and then she will fly back. I don’t want her to leave. (I kinda sorta aided and abetted her fiance’s nefarious scheme to keep her here as long as he–we–could.)

We have about 20 days of school left. We are hitting the books hard. The kids are looking forward to the end of the school year, but I will not want to be done until I’ve accomplished one more item. We’ve studied China, Italy (with a sizable detour into Ancient Rome), and Brazil. We touched on Australia, followed by a whirlwind tour of the countries of Africa. I’d like to slip in a fun little virtual excursion to Ukraine just at the last. If I can get that in, I’ll be satisfied. Maybe they won’t notice we’re learning. I doubt it, though. They’ve grown wise to my tactics.

Research Spree
In May I hope to visit one of the settings for my sequel. EEEeee! (That’s excitement, in case you can’t tell.) If it works out, I’ll definitely want to blog about my experience.

May May surprise and delight you!

M is for Magic

A precious story!

Tommia's Tablet

a-to-z-letters-mInspired by today’s Daily Prompt:

Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.”

Dora walked the labyrinth with her father, her small feet atop his. She read the words for him while he described the images to her, aware of the people staring at them. She was glad it was raining and that they left their umbrella leaning against the entrance of the marble path. The meanies couldn’t see her cry in anger.

Her father picked her up and hoisted her on his shoulders, flipping the long umbrella her way with his foot. She laughed, small hands grabbing the worn curved handle before it hit the ground. An older couple that almost looked like her Nana and Uncle-Uncle, smiled at them. That made her feel a little bit better.

She didn’t expect them to give her some tissues to blow her nose and dry her eyes. The…

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Phoenix Time

Happy thoughts? Maybe not, but it gives me perspective.

Chronicles of the Scribe

If you want to be a novelist–and by that I mean you really want to write books on a regular, consistent basis and aren’t just toying with the notion of writing one book someday–then you need to be aware of the statistic floating around that claims the average novelist’s career ends after three books.

That’s a dismal statistic. I’m so glad I didn’t encounter it early in my career–much less BEFORE my career was launched.

So why am I laying it on you? Because my point is that–like so many statistics–it can be misapplied and misunderstood, thereby becoming deceptive. You need to understand what’s true about it and what’s misleading.

Long-term working writers reinvent themselves all the time. Unless and until a novelist strikes oil with a major, runaway bestseller or creates a series that becomes highly popular with readers, it’s necessary to adapt and change in order to keep…

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Happy April First!

Just a heads-up that I’m going to post three times a day every day this week! Aren’t you excited? I wouldn’t be, either. There is no way. So, there’s my attempt at an April Fool’s prank. Let’s move on.

Items on the Docket: 5

1. The Fan Fiction Experiment from March has its own page in the header to make the completed series easily accessible.

2. Yep, I’m still working on the last hundred pages of my manuscript. I have 65-ish pages to go. The process is painstaking. I can work for over an hour, look up, and find I’ve conquered two pages. Objective-wise, it’s on target. I am so excited about the way it’s coming along! I have butterflies in my stomach every time I work on it now. Or maybe they’re dragonflies. 🙂

3. I’ve lost my head over a fantasy adventure. I found The Lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aquiar at the library two weeks ago. The book cover was bright and appealing, but what caught my attention was the review blurb at the bottom. It said, “Aguiar’s exciting debut novel is a cross between Peter Pan and Lost.”

What? What! That’s my book! Okay, my book is Alice in Wonderland meets Peter Pan, and I was told by a beta that it was something like Lost. But still!

What kills me is her description of Tamarind. It’s the perfect blend of natural phenomenon and supernatural possibility. That’s what I’m going for, but I’m working from a Floridian environment—which is not really tropical. I grew up in Florida; Aguiar grew up in Bermuda. I think I hate her. Of course this means I lurve her story, and I’m super envious.

Part of me wants to be crestfallen, and part of me is so elated. It means there’s a place for my type of story. How is it possible that a book with a vaguely similar plot can make me feel more confident? Has this happened to you before?

4. I’m hoping to work on some brief fiction pieces for a series that’s been marinating in my head. The stories are becoming very insistent about being written down. Setting them up will take a few months, but I hope to post them when they’re complete.

5. This month I’ll be reblogging what I read that intrigues me. So, bloggers, remember to write intriguing posts this month! It’s not like you don’t do that already, right?

I’m glad it’s April, aren’t you? Just when I think the dreary, cold days will never go away, the sun announces to the sky and the trees and the earth, “What? You weren’t thinking of giving in, were you? You knew I’d be coming back! Now, shrug off that chill expression and smile. I’m just getting warmed up!”