On Being Older

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It’s the beginning of a new year! At least, it is for me. I’m the same age as Realm is now. For ten months out of the year we are the same age. Don’t ask me why I get a kick out of that, but I do.

Before we started dating, I told him I didn’t date guys who were younger than I was. I was implying he was younger, when, in fact, he is older. It was a test.

A) Did he remember when my birthday was?

B) Would he admit he was interested in dating me?

Very subtle, I know. That’s what you get from a seventeen-year-old, I’m afraid.

He replied, “I’m glad I’m older than you, then.”

“Are you sure?” I teased, grinning. It became our joke while we were dating. We kept it up, saying things like, “…you know, since I’m older than you.”

So, every year for the two months he is officially older, Realm reminds me almost daily, “See? I’m older than you.”

His two months of crowing are up for this year, which means there might be a note on his mirror that says something like, “Look who’s older now!”

Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

8 thoughts on “On Being Older”

  1. Unfortunately, it’s something we all do. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I heard many, many years ago, that a man was always 4 years behind a woman, mentally. Therefore, since my hubby is 4 years older than I, I think that puts us right on schedule. And yes, from thirty forward we also got younger in my house. But, unfortunately again, when the hubby begins looking a whole lot older (they don’t color their hair), it eventually gives away your age. of course, you could always tell people he’s your uncle.


  2. My situation is the opposite of yours. My husband and I are the same age for a couple of months each year. The rest of the year he is older – a little over 9 months older. He says that I was definitely made for him, since I would have been conceived about the time he was born!


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