Winter Weather Woes

I see green outside—green grass and green leaves on the bushes. The sun is shining, and there are birds perched on the long, bare tree branches. I don’t trust my eyes. I keep wondering if any minute now the sky will turn black with rainclouds that will bottom out in a drenching downpour. That happened two days ago. I’ve lived in North Alabama for about five years now. February and March are the bipolar months. You never know what you’re going to meet with day to day. One minute I’m contemplating opening up the windows because it’s so nice outside, and in fifteen minutes there’s a lake at my front door. In a couple of hours the temperature has dropped twenty degrees and is still falling rapidly. The next day Realm’s car is covered in ice. This place is crazy!

I feel so sorry for the folks up north, cooped up for days by heavy snowfall. At least, to some degree, they know what they’re in for each year, though. And they’re prepared!

Yeah, I’m that Florida girl with no concept of winter. Last week we had a few inches of snow. It seemed to come out of nowhere. The schools were closed. A friend asked me whether Alabama even had a snowplow for roads. Snowplow? What’s that? Okay, I’m not that bad. I lived in Kentucky for a handful of years. The winters there were…awful. The salt trucks came out after a snow, making the gray sludge beside the roads my constant memory of winter in Kentucky. That and the salt eating the underside of my car. Yick.

Why is winter so…so sad? In literature winter often represents death and loneliness. I’m not lonely, and I’m not dead. I do feel low when the cold sets in, though. It’s worse when I see the spring attempting its entrance; I become all hopeful that the winter days have passed. Then another bucket of snow falls on our heads, like March is saying, “Ha! Gotcha!” How do you handle the winter?

Author: Rilla Z

I'm a scribbler. I'm genuine. My topics of interest are: this world, the worlds inside my head, and the world to come. Oh, and cups of tea. Yes, I write about my cups of tea.

7 thoughts on “Winter Weather Woes”

  1. This winter has been our first in West Virginia and it’s been a roller coaster of crazy. Days like today make it all seem right though. Taking a happy 1 year old out to experience the snow for the first time in his life and to hear the laughter as he plays with his older siblings and Daddy makes the snow seem worth it, for today at least ;)!


  2. Wow. I’ve never thought about winter that way. To me, winter is a peaceful cozy time when the world goes all blank slate so that it can start over new and the sky turns that soothing grey that I adore. The possibility of unpredictable weather shaking things up is so tantalizing you can feel it in the air. There is nothing more joyful or lovely to me than the view of snow or the feel of its crunch under my shoes. I love the crisp shock of cold and the need to bundle up against it. I love all the time safe and warm in your home with a fire and a blanket nursing a mug of steaming hot chocolate with homemade soup simmering on the stovetop. I like your description of the bleakness of winter, but to me bleakness is often a clearing out feeling, like a cleansing breath. Would spring be as cheerful without peek-a-booing its way slowly out of winter’s grasp?


    1. Oh, Connie, that is a beautiful view of winter! I do look forward to the fire, the bundling, and the hot chocolate at the beginning. And I think you’re right; spring wouldn’t be as cheerful without the anticipation.

      When does winter arrive for you? And does it snow there?


      1. The seasons are the opposite here, so winter arrives around June. In Santiago it gets pretty cold, but it’s more icy and drizzly than snowy, but being a Florida girl I love the rain. I always used to tell people that in Florida you either learn to love the rain or you are miserable all the time. I did see a little snow last winter on the edges of the city one day, but it was a rarity. It was such a nice treat, made my day. I think it snows in other parts of the country, but unfortunately I don’t get to travel much.

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  3. I’m such an indoor person that the changing seasons don’t affect me all that much. I do get tired of rain after a few days of it, and I’m sure I would feel the same way about snow, ice, sleet, etc. I actually dread the extremely hot summers we have more than any winter weather.

    Your having children still at home makes things more complicated in bad weather, too, I know.

    Hang in there, and the sun will come out eventually.

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  4. This winter’s been tough, so cold and snowy. I tried to ignore the winter by submerging myself in my writing. And now, it looks like we’ll finally get a taste of spring in Ohio this week. In the 50s tomorrow. Woo hoo!


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