Returning Home With Ezra

This series on the book of Ezra is written to focus on the home and its relationships. Developing relationship is important, whether it be with family, friends, or with God. The relationship we begin and maintain with our Creator is the most valued, and it affects all other relationships and emotional development. Ezra is a reminder that your true home exists, and that you can return, no matter how far or how long you’ve been removed.

The four parts of this series step through the psychological phases that help develop a lasting relationship. The First Return is the brave step one takes to establish a good relationship. Reignited seeks to face the past boldly, throwing negative perceptions and unhelpful behaviors into stark relief. Renewed embarks on a new mindset and enlists new actions to bring about a better foundation for the relationship. Lastly, The Second Return challenges the future growth of the relationship by asking hard questions that bring a closer commitment and a deeper understanding of what it means to keep going, keep working, keep trying.

1. Start Returning Home with Ezra

The First Return
2. Royal Favor
3. For the Record
4. Trust Issues
5. The Nature of Belonging
6. The Starting Date
7. Building the Foundation
8. Establishing the System
9. More Than A Feeling
10. Plain Speaking
11. Proof In the Power

12. Handling Criticism
13. When the Going Gets Tough
14. Unhindered
15. Morning Breaks

16. Setting the Heart
17. Faithfully
18. Accepting Weakness
19. A Burden and A Treasure

The Second Return
20. Seeking Counsel
21. A Trembling Heart
22. Making it Public
23. Call to Action
24. Awaiting the Verdict
25. Protecting the Vulnerable
26. Reconciled


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