Series: The Fan Fiction Experiment

In 2005 I visited for the first time. I was an avid Harry Potter fan looking for theories on horcruxes and how the final book in the series might conclude. I wasn’t there for the fanfiction exactly, but the stories appealed to me–and not because they were well-written. They weren’t. The writers themselves didn’t seem to have any idea where they were going half the time! What captured me was an atmosphere of testing and questioning the boundaries of the current views of what makes a good read.

I stayed and found cozy little worlds in the fandoms where well-loved stories whispered about new plots with old fictional friends. I listened and wrote. It taught me how to write all over again, and granted me a direct path to my reader’s mind.

These nine posts of The Fan Fiction Experiment discuss some of the things I’ve discovered about writing:

The Fan Fiction Experiment

Studying the Masters through Fan Fiction

Who Are These People? Finding Your Audience

What a Character! Tackling Characterization

“I’d Like to Order a Mystery, a Side of Romance, and add a Pinch of Sarcasm, Please.” Writing What You Like to Read

Help! I’m a Wordophile! and Other Confessions

Where’s the Ending? Completing Your Story

To Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Been There, Done That – Being Original

I Like Your Style! Inspiring Other Writers

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