Monday? Again?

Yes, it’s Monday again. But it’s okay because this is not your plain old Monday. It’s “Thank God It’s Monday!” Really. Have you thanked God for Monday? Ever? Well, try it today and tell me how it goes.

I really am thankful. Without Monday, we’d have dreadful Tuesdays…which might bleed over into our Wednesdays. Saturdays would become Fridays…It would be tragic. And, if you think about it, Monday is a trooper. It takes the brunt of the bad moods every week. We wrestle with the inevitability of Monday as we get out of bed, and grumble about it to our friends and co-workers. Does it complain? Nope. It continues on its 24-hour trek like a good little soldier, and we don’t see it again for six more days.

While I thank God for Monday, I’m also glad I have a Creator of days to thank. I’m thankful He wants to be with me for eternity. I know I want to be with Him. When I envision Monday from the other side of the grave, then yes, I’m very, very thankful. It’s one more day to do things better, try a little harder, and give a little more of myself. I hope you’re having a fantastic Monday!