Touching Creation

I love to read good literature, and there is no literature on Earth that compares to the Bible for depth of meaning, foreshadowing, imagery, and detail. After studying the creation account from Genesis 1, and the first verses of Genesis 2, I pared it down and published the highlights to my blog. Here is a listing of the posts in the series:

Day 1: Light and Goodness (Genesis 1:1-5)

Day 2: The First Sandwich – Genesis 1:6-8

Day 3: On Earth and Sea, On Herb and Tree – Genesis 1:9:13

Day 4: Moon of Silver, Sun of Gold – Genesis 1:14-19

Day 5: Wonders Great and Small – Genesis 1:20-23

Day 6a: Cattle, Beast, and Creeping Thing – Genesis 1:24-26

Day 6b: Just like Me (Genesis 1:27-31)

Day 7: A Day of R & R: Rest and Remembrance (Genesis 2:1-3)



Your thoughts are appreciated. No profanity please.

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