Dragonfly Prince

Dragonfly Prince by Marilla Zerbert

On a hike to the haunted stone steps at Belford Falls, Casey learns Trace, her childhood crush, is sweet on her sister, Lora. She’s too busy trying to reconcile her feelings to recognize the person speaking to her from the cool gap of the steps at Belford Falls is… herself. Before she can realize what’s happening, Casey is whisked away by a bevy of blue-winged dragonflies to a dragon’s den. Her rescuer, Ivan, a young boy who insists he’s two years older than Casey, is in no mood to put up with her whiny, spoiled behavior. His friend is a python, and he tries to scare her with warnings about dragons, pixies, and the powerful lure of the Dragonfly Prince. She is determined to lose this odd but persistent kidnapper and find her way back to Belford Falls on her own. Which would be a piece of cake if Ivan wasn’t telling the truth…


Your thoughts are appreciated. No profanity please.

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