Dragonfly Prince

Ali’s Adventures in Neverland

When dragonflies whisk Ali to a strange cave, she meets Ivan, a mud-covered guy with a cocky Peter Pan attitude and a pet python. Instead of explaining things to her–like, the dragonflies have brought her to a dangerous jungle of pixies and dragons–he threatens her and hauls her to safety against her will. It’s the beginning of Ali’s distrustful alliance with a bully that involves poison, punching, and pixie bites. She learns the hard way that Ivan is only interested is helping himself return home.

For Ali to get home, she must find the Dragonfly Prince, the ruler of the pixies. He has a mysterious connection to Rordyn, the dragon who guards the passage home. And the Dragonfly Prince has been waiting for her.

From the chapter, Culture Shock

“You really are alive! I thought you were done for two nights ago.”

The smile falls off my face. “You mean, you thought I was dead? You left me here thinking I was dead?” I can’t believe this.

“You cold, heartless…” I can’t finish. At that moment I know I’m totally alone and nobody cares if I die. Blood rushes to my head with the revelation. I’m still so weak. I feel like I’ve had the air knocked out of me, and I fall to the ground.

 When I look up, he’s standing above me, watching me blankly.

“You don’t care for anyone but yourself!” I tell him.

He doesn’t even seem offended. He sits down beside me. “I told you: it’s a different environment. You’ll understand the longer you’re here.”

He looks up at the foggy, sunless sky and explains, “You can’t get attached. It will eat at you from the inside if you do. Take Rordyn’s cave,” he says, looking back at me. “I’m not even sure how many have died in there! You and I, we’re the lucky ones. Most of them…” He snaps his fingers. “Gone in seconds.”

I’m incredulous. “There is no luck involved in what I’ve been through!”

“Trust me; you’re lucky. I’ve heard their screams.”

I contemplate this and whisper hopelessly, “Then how can we ever escape?”

“There’s a way,” he says. “Think about it: the only reason I’m still alive is because Rordyn was having a little trouble with his fire-starter that day. It was merely a fluke, a lucky break. Who’s to say we don’t get another one?”

He pulls off a fuzzy yellow frond from a vine climbing along the clover from the fence and twists it between his fingers. “And, hey, since you seem to be wishing you didn’t have the same miserable luck I do, just think: next time you might not be so lucky! And the same goes for me.” His expression becomes serious as he concludes his pep talk. “You need to come to grips with that. I may not be here tomorrow.”

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