Not-So-Smooth Sailing

It’s spring! Spring comes in an array of colors and allergy symptoms. During this time, something in my inner ear likes to swell. It leaves me with the sensation that a boat is rocking, and I’m in it. I hang onto the walls, hoping the storm abates. When it’s in both ears, it usually comes with nausea. That’s when I opt for the meds. This time it’s only in one ear, so the symptom-to side-effect scale is tipped toward trying to ignore it and plowing through. I find I’m plowing through to the left.

You’d think all of this lopsided veering would keep me working at my desk more regularly. No, I find it’s like being in a moving car for two hours studying phone numbers at 8 pt font. Mostly, I have to take my writing time in short spurts. This has been very effective motivation for novel-writing! Knowing I can’t stay with it long, I type with the intent of going back and filling in the blanks later. It’s amazing how much I accomplish when the editor and the researcher in me are not allowed to gang up on a good story! So, hoist the mainsail. I’m on board with this.